EU finanziert, gefördert und organisiert: Albanische Wahlen, wo sich nur Verbrecher Clans einkaufen

Die heutigen Kommunalwahlen sind eine Peinlichkeit, der Berliner,NATO und EU Verbrecher Banden in der Welt! 2011, stahl Berisha und Lulzim Basha, die Wahl für den Bürgermeister Posten in Tirana, Wahlfälschungen gab es fast immer mit System schon 1996, 1992 usw.

Real sieht es so aus, auch bei den Wahlen in 2017, das Kriminelle die einen Job im Rathaus, der Politik haben, zu allen Lokalen, auch kleinen Geschäften gehen und auffordern Edi Rama, die PS zu wählen, was eine Art Erpressung ist, wo dann Vodofon gleich mal 500.000 € Buzßgeld erhielt, als man sich weigerte. Hohe Bußgelder Erpressung, war schon ein System von Berisha in 2009, also auch nicht neu.

Auch Italienische Medien sprechen eine deutliche Sprache, über die Zustände des Steinmeier Verbrecher Staates. Das EU System wo die Zustände auch noch finanziert werden

Mediat ndërkombëtare tallen me Ramën: Në Shqipëri mbahen zgjedhje të stilit komunist

Ital. Medien: Albanien wo sogar die Wahlen inzwischen verkauft werden

Die installierten Mord, Drogen und Terroristen Kartelle an einem Tisch, wo auch Berisha, Ilir Meta dazu gehört

Die Kosovo Mafia hat in Albanien investiert, in MIlliarden Höhe und immer gefälschten Grundstücks Dokumenten

Local elections 2019:


Does Edi Rama lead Albania to a civil war?

Local elections have been scheduled in Albania for June 30, 2019, but their holding is still uncertain, as the President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, has postponed the elections, and on June 27, 2019, determined the new date for October 13, 2019.

The opposition has been boycotting the work of the Albanian Parliament since February 2019, because it doesn’t want to be a democratic façade for a criminal and corrupted regime, and demands that Prime Minister, Edi Rama, resigns and that local elections be held together with early parliamentary elections.

In the parliamentary elections held on June 25, 2017, the election winner was the Socialist Party (PS) of Edi Rama. On the elections and electoral process, a number of objections have been made and, in the opinion of analysts and observers, it is about unfair and irregular elections that had numerous irregularities. There is a number of evidences about criminals who have helped the Socialist Party with „dirty money“ to „buy“ the parliamentary elections. A corruption has become a way of life in Albania.

Although Edi Rama, at the beginning of his first term as the Prime Minister, was promising and seen as a new hope in the Western Balkans, it soon turned out that Rama became the leader in crime and corruption instead of the leader in democratic processes and reforms. That initial enthusiasm has been lost and Edi Rama is increasingly getting connected to the „cannabisation of Albania“ and the flourishing of organized crime and narco-business. Prime Minister Rama draws the attention of the public from these issues by turning to nationalism and nationalist rhetoric. These remarks were not coming only from the opposition, but also from the reputable international community groups and researchers as well as leading intelligence services.

“Cannabisation of Albania“ 

Edi Rama launched the police action to destroy the village of Lazaret, which was the centre of narco-business. Later, it turned out that Rama himself has taken over that business, and instead of reforms and development and further democratization of the state, initiated the process of „cannabisation of Albania“. Most of the cultivable land is under cannabis, and that business is in the hands of political-criminal structures. During the mandate of Edi Rama, Albania has become a criminal haven for criminals from Europe, Asia, North and South America. The mitigating circumstance for criminal structures is the visa-free regime, which Albania has with the EU member states, allowing free movement and business for criminals, and enormous profits in drug trafficking and human trafficking.

Between 2014 and 2017, Albania became the main producer and trade country for cannabis in Europe, as confirmed by Europol1 , the US State Department2  and the United Nations (UN)3 . Throughout that period, the opposition was accusing the Socialist’s government, in particular the Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, that he is directly involved in the drug business. Following the public announcement of official eavesdropping, on January 30, 2019, it had been revealed that dozens of Socialist MPs, mayors of Socialists and other senior officials were caught in the co-operation with organized crime in buying votes, scaring electors, counterfeiting documents and other criminal activities before and after the voting in the General Elections in 2017. There is now clear evidence of a high-level collusion between the Socialist government and criminals, which has allowed the flourishing of narcotics trafficking.

In March 2017, the Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri (2013-2017), in charge of police force and border control of the country, was replaced due to an increased pressure from the opposition boycotting work of the Parliament, which culminated in the protests in front of the headquarter of the Government of Prime Minister Edi Rama, who is brought into connection with drug trafficking. The first charges against Minister Tahiri in relation to narcotics traffickers were brought by Dritan Zagani, an Albanian police officer in the fight against narcotics. After being indicted for information leakage, the Albanian police arrested him. Zagani escaped seeking political asylum in Switzerland. In asylum he stated that his arrest was the revenge of Minister Saimir Tahiri for investigating his connection with drug traffickers.

Former Minister Tahiri at liberty, ordinary citizens in prison 

In September 2017, Albanian prosecutors launched an investigation against former Interior Minister Tahiri, accusing him of helping and participating in the organization of drug trafficking. Italian prosecutors were eavesdropping the leaders of the organization, who were eventually arrested and convicted, and who in their talks, revealed that the organization financed Tahiri’s election campaign and his personal affairs. Prime Minister Rama was constantly defending Tahiri and protecting him from arrest, while openly attacking his investigators. The trial of Tahiri is expected soon4 .

About 42 policemen, including several senior regional heads, are currently under investigation for drug trafficking. There is a concern that investigations are being intentionally stopped. In sharp contrast to ordinary people, of which about 38,000 are in prison due, for example, to non-payment of electricity, utilities, and similar, Minister Tahiri and other accused police officers are at liberty and have not been arrested.

In May 2018, it was discovered that Tahiri’s successor, Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj, supported his brother, who lives as a fugitive from the Italian judiciary, where he was sentenced to more than seven years imprisonment for international drug trafficking. As more accusations against him and his brother appeared in the following months, Xhafaj resigned his position as Minister of Interior in October 2018.

By using money, networks, and their political connections established through cannabis trafficking, the Albanian criminal organization has expanded to trade in heroin and cocaine. Albania is now „the key gateway to heroin distribution throughout Europe“5 and the main transit corridor for cocaine smuggling.

Money laundering and penetration into the legal economy have become the main activity of the organizations of organized crime. In 2017 and again in 2018, the State Department designated Albania as a „money laundering country“, pointing out that „illegal revenue can easily be laundered and the country still has a high risk of money laundering due to a widespread corruption and weak state institutions“6 . The Council of Europe confirms that „money laundering risks are still high“, and the biggest threat comes from „criminal revenue stemming from narcotics, tax and customs fraud and corruption“7 .

Several luxury skyscrapers have been granted licenses and started construction in Tirana, the poorest capital in Europe, showing a profound penetration of illegal money from narcotics into legal economy in Albania.

According to the State Department data, the production of marijuana in Albania increased by five times in only one year.

Transitional government should prepare the elections 

In a tense atmosphere in Albania, which is lagging behind in the EU accession process, the issue of the date for the start of EU negotiations remains open. In countering leads France and its president, Emmanuel Macron, who opposes giving the date for the start of EU negotiations, with support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Netherlands has officially issued the decision of its parliament to launch the procedure for abolishing the visa-free regime that Albania has with the EU member states. It is primarily important to normalize the political scene and relax relations within the state. Regular mass protests involving 200,000 citizens are a clear sign of distrust in Edi Rama’s Government and that he has lost support among the citizens.

The rule of law and the (non) functioning of the legal state are the „cancer wound“ of the Albanian state. In solving this issue, the experience of the Republic of North Macedonia can be used, which has found the exit from the then political crisis of 2015/16 in consensual support for the formation of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), through the establishment of a technical government that created the conditions for holding early parliamentary elections. Also, the current Albanian Chief Prosecutor was elected unlawfully in the Parliament by a simple majority.

Thereby, an eventual report by Reinhard Priebe, so-called The Priebe Commission, which would prepare an overview of the situation in the judiciary, can play an important role in Albania. As a precedent in Prieb’s Report, for the Republic of North Macedonia has been given the opportunity to prosecute judges and prosecutors, which is a novelty and revolutionary progress in the legal practice itself. Albania is in a similar situation, because some judges and prosecutors, because of illegal work, connection to political criminal structures, are likely to be investigated and prosecuted.

The findings of the Priebe Commission would refer to a package of amendments to the Law on Courts and the Law on Judicial Council to fully reflect the already issued and upcoming recommendations of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe and legal experts of the EU. It is necessary to rebuild confidence in the judicial institutions, in particular by taking specific measures to increase transparency and behavioural changes. Furthermore, the inspection of the Automated Court Case Management Information System (ACCMIS) should provide concrete results through investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor and the audit carried out by the Trial Chamber. The Trial Chamber and the Council of Public Prosecutors should address the recommendations of a group of experts in the rule of law, particularly in the defence of the independence of the judiciary and in ensuring its professionalism and responsibility.

There are no conditions for holding fair and honest local elections in Albania on June 30, 2019

Analysts believe that the conditions have not been fulfilled for holding fair, honest and transparent local elections in the ambience of strong tensions in the society, which could even escalate into a civil war. Therefore, it would be dangerous and counterproductive to hold local elections on June 30, 2019. That is why it is necessary to reach a consensual agreement between the actual Prime Minister and Socialist Party (SP) President, Edi Rama, and the opposition Democratic Party (DP) leader, Lulzim Basha, that is to move and hold the elections together with the early parliamentary elections, when the conditions for that are fulfilled. In reaching an agreement between the government and the opposition, it is necessary to strengthen the EU mediation and primarily the US mediation.

The essence of the agreement between the government and the opposition is to allocate ministerial positions to the opposition in the „transitional“ government, so that the opposition has an insight and control over the elections and the electoral process. Thus, the opposition would receive a „technical“ vice-president of the government and six ministers of which the most important would be the interior minister, and, for instance, the ministers of justice, finance, health, education and social policy. Rama should leave the key departments to the opposition. In addition to the ministerial positions, the opposition would get its representatives on the leading positions of the five important state agencies and administrations – e.g. for energy distribution, cadastre, property legalization and urban planning, rural development and prison administration.

Disputable printing of ballots?

The printing of ballots for illegal local elections in Albania on June 30, 2019, was carried out in Slovenia. However, there is a question as to how much the ballot papers have been printed and whether their number is much larger than the number of voters on the voter list?

It is also not clear who supervised the printing of ballots, so transparency and publicity of the entire electoral process are very questionable.

Moreover, it is not clear whether the ballots were printed within the envisaged deadline or that deadline has been extended.

Thus, the entire electoral process of illegal local elections is abundant with non-transparency, irregularities and many doubts.

Albanian opposition plays a state guarding role

Since the fall of Enver Hoxha’s communist regime in 1991, retrograde forces were defeated. By coming to power of Edi Rama and his Socialist Party (SP), which has roots in the former Communist Party of Albania, that forces have come to the fore again. This could also be observed in the Edi Rama’s relationship to Donald Trump during the election campaign in the United States, when he unambiguously supported Hillary Clinton, and not Trump. In a tense situation, the opposition plays a state guarding role, hence Albania is in the first place a positive example of such opposition in the Western Balkans region. Rama will, in order to stay in power, try to transfer the crisis from Albania not only to the region, but also to the wider European area.

The President of the Republic of Albania, Ilir Meta, demonstrated the key role with postponing the local elections from June 30, 2019, to October 13, 2019, that is a few days before the EU summit, which will be held on October 17 and 18, 2019, and which should assign a start date for negotiations with the EU for North Macedonia and Albania. With his actions, President Ilir Meta saved the country from and/or delayed the civil war, which was threatening Albania. Albania was already on the verge of a civil war in 1991 and 1997. The behaviour of Edi Rama in many respects resembles the behaviour of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who among other things organized the elections despite the boycott of the opposition and ignored mass protests, carried out a large-state project and continued persecuting journalists instead of criminals. Hence, do actions of Prime Minister Edi Rama lead Albania to a civil war?

Analysts believe that a very important fact is that the Congress of Regional and Local Authorities of the Council of Europe will not send an observation mission to supervise the illegal local elections in Albania on June 30, 2019.

The key question for Edi Rama is, why is Albania the poorest country in Europe when it has outstanding potential for development? In the resolution of the crisis in Albania, the EU and NATO have failed, so a stronger and more concrete engagement of the United States is needed in order to achieve a peaceful transition of the government. The crisis in Albania is exposing the corruption network of Edi Rama, which includes some senior officials from the EU and from other countries.

Analysts believe that after the early parliamentary elections, the new Albanian government should work on restoration of the negative image of Albania and focus on obtaining a candidate status for the EU and accelerated fulfilling of the conditions for the EU membership. There is a need to intensify the fight against organized crime and corruption and to increase legal standards in order to attract foreign and domestic investors rather than criticizing international factors, endangering media freedom, prosecution and lawsuits against domestic and foreign journalists and turning to nationalism and developing narco-business and crime, which directly jeopardizes the budget stability, also of other countries, regional peace and stability. Of particularly importance is that the leading intelligence services follow the flow of money and assets of the regime of Edi Rama.

Ljubljana, June 30, 2019

  • Link: (Local Elections 2019: Does Edi Rama lead Albania to a Civil War?)


[1] Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA), European Union (Europol), 2018.

[2] International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, US State Department, March 2018.

[3] World Drug Report, United Nations Drug Office, 2017, 2018.

[4] “Albanian ex-minister to face drug trafficking charges”, Reuters online, May 12, 2018.

[5]International Narcotics Control Report 2018, US State Department, March 2018.

[6] International Narcotics Control Report 2018, US State Department, March 2018.

[7] Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorist Financing Measures – Albania Evaluation Report, Council of Europe, July 2018.

Milärische Bewachung der Botschaften, der

Zgjedhjet/ Ushtria në mbrojtje të bllokut të ambasadave (FOTO+VIDEO)

84 objekte të rëndësisë së veçantë janë marrë në mbrojtje nga ushtria. Është ky urdhri i përbashkët i ndërmarrë dhe miratuar nga Ministri i Brendshëm, Sandër Leshaj, Ministria e mbrojtjes Olta Xhaçka dhe drejtori i përgjithshëm i policisë, Ardi Veliu .

Ndërkohë 280 oficerët e policisë  që ruajnë sigurinë në këto godina do t’i bashkohen pjesës tjetër të forcave të policisë për t’u kujdesur për mbarëvajtjen e procesit zgjedhor.

Ky urdhër vjen pas një sërë masash të ndërmarra nga policia që kanë si synim sigurimin e objekteve zgjedhore dhe procesit zgjedhor .

Për zgjedhjet e 30 qershorit janë angazhuar rreth 7326 oficerë policie ndërsa është paralajmëruar se kush tenton të thyejë heshtjen në dy ditët   e ardhshme që  përkojnë me heshtjen zgjedhore, që do të thotë se tubimet janë të ndaluara dhe ata që do të protestojnë rrezikojnë burg nga 1-5 vite burg.



Die neue zur US Botschafterin in Tirana ernannte Botschafterin?: Yuri Kim

Neue Verwalterin des Debakels, eines Verbrecher Staates: Albanien, was die Amerikaner ja selbst auch verursacht haben. Kommt noch ein Suppenhuhn nach Albanien bei dem Debakel mit inkompetenden Frauen, Korrupt bis auf die Wurzeln, wegen Dummheit und Inkompetenz. Zur Kandidatin ernannt, für den Posten in Tirana

Quoten Frauen: EU Verbrecher Bande in Tirana, der Inkompetenz

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to Key Administration Post

Issued on:

Yurio Kim

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate the following individual to a key position in his Administration:

Yuri Kim of Guam, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Albania.

Ms. Kim is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Counselor, and has served in the Department of State as the Director of the Office of Southern European Affairs.  Previously, she was the Director of the State Department’s Center for the Study of Diplomacy, Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of State, and Director of the Office of European Security and Political-Military Affairs.  She has also served as Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and as a member of the United States delegation to the Six-Party Talks to end North Korea’s nuclear program.  She also served as the Political Counselor at the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, and then at the United States Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.  Ms. Kim earned a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University.  She speaks Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Turkish.


Die Amerikaner können nicht ihre eigenen Probleme lösen, welche u.a. eine kriminelle Pharma und Agrar Industrie verursacht hat.




Gibt es Kommunalwahlen im Mafia Staat Albanien: 13 Oktober?


Comedy Show der Verbrecher Kartelle in Tirana: Die Kommunalwahlen wurden verschoben! Wahlen fälschen mit Kriminellen, gekauften Stimmen, Mehrfach ID Karten, betreiben alle Parteien. Edi Rama, nur besonders dreist vor aller Augen. Das ist nur möglich, weil die EU, OSCE Beobachter, oft junge „useful“ Idiots sind, die Verantwortliche viel Geld erhalten, wie auch in Aserbeidschan, Mazedonien, Kosovo

Die „VENICE“ EU Verfassungsrecht institution, wird im September feststellen, das das Dekret des Präsidenten Ilir Meta, illegal war, ein Verfassungsverstoss ist, denn der Präsident hat kein Recht, Wahltermine einseitigi zu verschieben, oder zu annullieren. Dumme und korrupte Politik Abzocker findet er immer wieder, trotz unendlicher Skandale, im Notfall gibt es Orden, wie für Monika Hohlmeier. Die Kosovo Mafia in denNATO Dokumenten ein kriminelle Enterprise. xhavit-halili

Brief des Adriatik Llala, an den US Kongreß, denn Ilir Meta, sollte erneute verhaftet werden in 2015, wurde von den Politik Verbrechern und Drogen Kartelle wie von Steinmeier , Donald Lu geschützt und der damalige Geheimdienst Chef, erhielt umgehend einen Botschafter Posten als Schweigegeld, im System der Albaner Mafia.

Mit der seit 2000, wichtigen Wahl Reform, ist natürlich auch Nichts geworden, obwohl des der OSCE Borchardt, erstmalig ernsthaft versuchte, das Mehrfach wählen, auch mit vielen ID Karten ist inzwischen Standard in Albanien, weil das Personen Register, eher ein Maföses Construct ist, von der EU finanziert.

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Albania’s political confusion worsened on Thursday after the President set a fresh date in October for disputed local elections, due this weekend – which the Prime Minister refused to consider

Intimidation, Political Prisoners, and Human Rights Violations – How Rama is Trying to Quell Political Dissent

As the date of the annulled elections approaches, Prime Minister Edi Rama has employed increasingly undemocratic methods to quell dissent. Since the first opposition protests started in February of this year, hundreds of civilians have been arrested on spurious charges including disturbing the public peace and inciting violence. Whilst there is no…

By Alice Elizabeth Taylor 44 mins ago

Council of Europe Cancels Election Monitoring Mission to Albania

The Council of Europe has cancelled its election monitoring mission to Albania due to “continuing uncertainty concerning the organization of the local elections on June 30 and possible security risks in certain deployment areas.” An email to collaborators sent from the Council of Europe Office in Albania clarified that the decision was…

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The Internationals Are Sleepwalking into an Autocracy

With growing dismay I have watched how in the last few weeks the international diplomats in Tirana have failed to appreciate the deep risks of the current Constitutional crisis. Even though foreign media published extensive and shocking evidence of widespread vote-buying during the 2016 and 2017 elections by the Socialist Party, they have not released…


Wolfgang Hetzer: Zu den EU – Beamten, der EU Commission und Deutschen – und EU Politikern: aus Polizei News Letters: Wolfgang Hetzer

In solchen Kreisen, wenn Verantwortungslosigkeit Kultstatus genießt, warnt der EU– Korruptionsbekämpfer(Zitate nach „Kontext“), “geht es nicht mehr darum, was du verdienst, sondern darum, was du dir holen kannst, und wie du am einfachsten reich
wirst”. Und das sei soziales Dynamit. Hetzer spricht ausdrücklich von einer sogenannten Finanzkrise, von einer “Systemkriminalität” und von “Systemkorruption”.
Kommentar: Damit ist Alles gesagt, durch einen Insider Fachmann der EU: Wolfgang Hetzer

Präsident Ilir Meta, kritisiert die Deutsche und EU Justiz Mission: EURALIUS, fordert die Entsendung von Experten und nicht inkompetenden Spinnern

Bild Abhör Bänder, wie Edi Rama, Samir Tahiri, Damian Gjiknuri, Taulant Balla, Vangjush Dako mit der Prominenz der Drogen Barone, die Wahlen fälschte


Mafia Kleptokratie Albanien: 1997-2019, mit korrupten US, EU, Deutschen

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist IMG_20180906_103316-768x1024.jpg

Bild: Astrit Avdiylaj und die Drogen Clan’s von Durres

Titel Story: „Die Geschichte der Gangster“ in Albanien ab 1991

emokratie bringen, der grösste Betrug der Internationalen, wo man real nur Verbrecher finanzierte, promotete überall im Balkan und in der Welt. Albanien betrieb schon vor über 40 Jahren, Zigaretten SChmuggel nach Italien, mi der „Sacra Corona Uniata“, der Apulischen Mafia. Devisen Bringer, und die Ialienischen Häfen, waren in Hand der Mafia, inklusive der Behörden, bis 1998,99. Wahlfälschung als System

Mafia Kleptokratie Albanien: 1997-2019, mit korrupten US, EU, Deutschen


Gefälschte Wahlen bestätigen für die Gangster Kartelle, besonders peinlich, was die EU Banden so treiben, wo in in 2017, 500.000 gefälschte Wahlstimm Zettel gab.

„ambasadorokracinë“ – „useful idiots“: KASTRIOT ISLAMI, Gesprächspartner schon bei Franz Josef Strauss Besuchen, muss Kommentare abgeben

Council of Europe Cancels Election Monitoring Mission to Albania

Ein System, was durch die EU, US, Berliner Steinmeier Ganoven geschaffen wurde, was auch 2005 gut bekannt war. Zitat eines Deutschen Bundeswehr Offizieres vor Ort, in Anwesenheit eines Albanischen Offizieres: „Es gibt Leute, die wollen die Zustände, ein Schwarzes Loch in Europa“ gemeint war: für Drogen, Waffen Handel, privatisierungs Geschäfte und Betrug ohne Ende.

Titel Story: Rama Regierung offiziell Mafia Regierung
01.16 – 23. Juni 2019

Das Steinmeier, EU geschaffene Monstrum mit der NATO: Der Mafia Staat: Albanien, unverändert in den Schlagzeilen, weil die korrupte EU, KfW, Deutsche Maschine des Auswärtigem Amtes, hoch kriminellen Albaner, Kurden Clans auch noch die Deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft geben, obwohl die Gestalten mit falschen Identitäten herumreisen. Alles bestens bekannt, vor 10 und 15 Jahren, das Alles nur ein Theater ist, mit den gefälschten Berichten, um angebliche ständige Fortschritte, wo die „useful“ Idiots der Deutschen, EU, im Georg Soros Stile gerne mitmachen, weil es Posten gibt, für die Dümmsten in Europa. Man reist ständig nach Berlin, Brüssel und Hamburg um sich Instruktionen zu holen, wie man die EU, KfW Gelder am besten stiehlt.

Georg Soros und das Verbrecher Kartell der Deutschen Justiz mit Katharina Barley, SPD

Berisha Banden, Abgeordnete, Ex-Polizei Präsidenten wie Aleks Ndoj, Isuf Cela, brennen Wahl Lokale, Schulen ab

Gjyqi me BILD/ Kush është avokati i Ramës që mbron milionerët (FOTO)default imageKryeministri nuk tërhiqet nga përballja me gazetarin që i ’nxorri bojën‘ përmes përgjimeve. Reagojnë shoqatat për lirinë e medias

Gjyqi me “Bild”. Avokati i VIP-ave me tarifë 750 euro ora…

Uralte Verbrecher Kartelle aus dem Kosovo, welche vor über 15 Jahren schon Vangjush Dako, Edi Rama, Fatos Nano finanzierten.

Gregor Rama, 60.000 $ Maybach Brille

Auf der Interpol Liste, in dei USA geflohen dort gesucht, und nun wurde in Shiak, auf den Verwandten Plarent Dervishi, ein Attentat verübt, wo nur die gepanzerte Scheibe einen Erfolg verhinderte. Im Auto ebenos der Interne Kreis von Lulzim Berisha: Julian Mecajt, beide organisierten den Drogen Handel im Auftrage von Lulzim Berisha, den er aus dem Gefängnis, weiter leitete, wie andere Verbrecher. Erinnert an das Attentat gegen Dash Gjoka, der ebenso mit gepanzerter Limousine herumfuhr vor 2 Jahren

Die Kosovo Verbrecher in Albanien: „Ragip Haxhiajdini“, von Daut Kadrinovsky, Enver Shala, Familie Kapiti, Gashi, Ramuz Haradinaj, Ilir Majlindi, Lulzim Berisha

Der Sohn eines Dumm DP Berisha Ex-Abgeordneten; Arkimed Lushaj, bekannt als „Stressi“ wurde endlich verhaftet

Wo ist die Verbrecher Bande, aus Tropoje, von „stressi“ dem Sohn des Berisha Mannes: Arkimed Lushaj, der ja bei der Randale bei der Plünderung und Zerstörung der Maut Stellen, bei Kukes, in Tirana auch mit Molotov Cocktails dabei war! Ähnliches Foto

Tiede dhe amerikanizmi fals i Ramës

Nga Luçiano Boçi Publikimet e Bild shpërthyen në opinionin kombëtar e ndërkombëtar skandalin më të bujshëm shqiptar të…



„ambasadorokracinë“ – „useful idiots“: KASTRIOT ISLAMI, Gesprächspartner schon bei Franz Josef Strauss Besuchen, muss Kommentare abgeben

Wie der durchaus gute Ex-Justizminister hart sagt:Die EU und deutschen Hofschranzen, sind kriminelle Idioten, verkaufen Zerstörung der Justiz mit diesen Idioten auch noch als „erhebliehe“ Fortschritte in Albanien. Das läuft nun unter „ambasadorokracinë“, ein neues Wort für einen von den Deutschen, US; EU Gestalten, (useful idiots), geschaffenen Verbrecher Staat, wo kein Gesetz gilt, was, mit der Ilir Meta Regierung schon in 1999 und kriminellen Kosovo, US Banden zum System wurde. Man kann nicht verstehen, wie derart dumme und korrupte Leute, Botschafterinnen in Albanien werden, Millionen verpulvern mit dem „Zivilen Gesellschaft“, in die eigenen Taschen umleitet, mit einer Profi kriminellen Organisation im „Camorra“ Stile, der Deutschen IRZ-Stiftung, Abeteilung VI, des Deutschen Justizministeriums, was bei solchen Idioten wie Heiko Maas, Michael Roth nicht verwundern kann. Aufgeblähte Botschaften, mit unnützen Leuten, die nur mit Jobs versehen werden und abzocken und Betrugs Projekte der KfW, als System Weltweit. 2 mal Stark Strom Leitungen mit KfW Krediten und zweimal funktioniert praktisch die Leitungen nicht. Die KfW, wurde noch unter Berisha, Ridvan Bode, als Mafia im Parlament 2008 beschmimpt, organisierte Kick Back Geschäfte, Kompensation Geschäfte des Betruges, für das illegale Betrugsgeschäft mit Hochtief, KfW, DEG, am Flugplatz in 2004, wo es nicht einmal ein Lizenz Gesetz damals gab.

Edi Rama, KfW Eröffnung im Kosovo mit INTECH Mafia Firma von GTZ,GIZ, KFW Leute zur Geldwäsche

Der kriminelle und dummer FinanzBetrüger und Motor für einen Billiarden Diebstah. Jörg Asmussen war auch schon in Deutschland, man hatte ihm einen Posten im Vorstand der KFW Bank angeboten, einem kriminellen Enterprise der Deutschen SPD vor allem, um MIlliarden der Entwicklungshilfe u.a. mit kriminellen Partnern zustehlen.

Präsident Ilir Meta, kritisiert die Deutsche und EU Justiz Mission: EURALIUS, fordert die Entsendung von Experten und nicht inkompetenden Spinnern

Ein grosser Clan, schon über 30 Jahre mit Kontakten nach Deutschland, aber was man positiv sehen kann: Einer der wenigen Clans, die nicht durch Betrug, Dokumenten Fälschungen und Drogen Handel aufgefallen ist, im Gegensatz zu der Enver Hoxha Familie. Irgendetwas in eine richtige Richtung organisiert, hat er ebenso nicht.

Das Edi Rama ein Idiot ist, die dümmste Regierung der Welt leitete, wo sich die Verbrecher Clans, ohne Schule nur Posten kauften ist lange bekannt. Das wird nun nachgeplabbert, auch das aus dem Ausland Albanien destabilisiert wird.

Rama ist offenbar eine Geisel Mission anti-albanische, anti-nationale und anti-europäisches, unter anderem; Dies ist nicht Verschwörung. Rama weiterhin die Torheiten seiner falsch unterstützen und sagte kein Wort über die Bedeutung von Rama sagen Stimmen zu stehlen, für Links mit Kriminalität oder Drogenhandel.

Keine Rettungs Wachleute an der Küste und in der Verbrecher Hochburg „Velipoje“ ertrinken 3 Personen

Chaos wie immer, Kosovaren Kinder konnten nicht schwimmen, ertranken an der Küste, weil die Eltern lieber saufen ohne Ende, wie immer am Wochenende

Man finanziert neue Rettungs Wachttürme an der Küste, nur gibt es keine Rettungsschwimmer, weil Alles in der Klientelwirtschaft untergeht.

Die Kosovo Mafia hat in Albanien investiert, in MIlliarden Höhe und immer gefälschten Grundstücks Dokumenten

Velipoja pa roje bregdetare, 3 persona rrezikojnë të mbyten

23/06/2019 13:22

Tre persona kanë rrezikuar që të mbyten sot në plazhin e Velipojës. Më dramatike situata ka qenë për një të mitur, i cili për pak sa nuk kanë humbur jetën.

Ishin turistët ata që arritën të ndërhynë në kohë, për t’i shpëtuar jetën. Burime për Top Channel, raportojnë se Velipoja nuk ka roje bregdetare, ndonëse është investuar për kullat e vrojtimit.  Kjo  e bën të rrezikshëm futjen në ujë të personave që nuk dinë not.


Top Channel

Bei Durres verschwand spurlos im Meer, ein 31-jähriger: Doland Molla aus Skrapari, der wohl für Mafia Geschäfte dort sich aufhielt. Das Foto der Curilla, ist ca. 8 Jahre alt. Einen neuen Rettungsturm gibt es ebenso dort, nur nicht besetzt, was schon vor 15 Jahren Standard war


Durrës/ Zhduket 31-vjeçari në plazhin e Currilave, u fut të lahej me shokët dhe nuk u…

Ohne den Mafia Anarchisten Bürgermeister Vangjush Dako. organisiert der Präfekt, die Regeln, an den Stränden, mit Sport Booten, was im Juni schon deutlich sichtbar war. 2014 organisierte eine Anarchie Kultur am Wasser, Alles wurde an Kriminelle verkauft, wie es mit Wasser Scooter üblich war, inklusive Toten.

Abfall Tourismus: Der Strand von Durres ist privatisiert, 80% der privaten Strände, 20% kostenlos für Urlauber


Durres, schneiden Bürgermeister: Füllen licensoheni Bedingungen für die Strände und Wassersport (VIDEO)

22/06/2019 – 10:47

Präfekt von Durres, Roland Nasto, sammelte Task-Force-Tourismus-Einheit in einer gemeinsamen Sitzung mit Küstengebiet Reiseveranstalter, um gemeinsame Koordinierung der Maßnahmen zur Aufrechterhaltung einer Saison das beste Resort in Bezug genommen werden Sicherheit, die öffentliche Ordnung und Ruhe.

Treffen Einträge wurde von dem Reiseveranstalter für das reibungslose Funktionieren der privaten Strände, Gebäude Wachtürme, Marine-Signalisierung für die Wassermotoren, die Erfüllung einer Reihe von Kriterien durch eine Entscheidung des Umweltministeriums gegründet zu vermeiden, in dem Meer von Touristen ertrinken .

Mit Beschluss des Ministerrats, kündigte der Bürgermeister der von der Regierung genehmigt Strände der Küste und touristischen Aktivitäten ausüben kann, werden kategorisch Kallmit Strände und Porto Romano ausgeschlossen. Für alle staatlichen Strukturen in diesen Bereichen arbeiten ist illegal und wird das Gesetz gegenüber.

Präfekt haben Sie Reiseveranstalter von privaten Stränden im Detail kennen die Anforderungen erfüllt werden. In Wachtürmen sollte in jeder Gefahr seinen Beobachter Erste-Hilfe zur Verfügung zu stellen Sie Urlauber benötigen. Der Bürgermeister hielt sogar zu steuern, dass von allen lokalen Strukturen in privaten Stränden ausgeübt werden muss, wo Entlastungsstraße für Krankenwagen und eine strenge Kontrolle der öffentlichen Räume an den Stränden angefordert.

„Standorte und Segelboote, Motoren und andere Freizeitfahrzeuge müssen die Bedingungen und Kriterien erfüllen, sonst werden sie nicht zugelassen werden“ , – sagte der Bürgermeister Nasto.


/ Portal DurresLajm /

Martin Henze, Merkels Mann: Lubonja, über „Kathastrophe“ mit der korrupten Politik Klasse in Albanien von Edi Rama, bis Tom Doshi

Fatos Lubonja, greift die Amerikaner an, die ausl. Botschafter, Regierungen, welche das Desaster organisierten in Albanien, wo die meisten Botschafter ein Wettrennen machten, wer korrupter ist und wer Geld den Verbrecher Clans geben kann, Allen voran nach Eugen Wohlfahrt, seiner Ehefrau, dem Visa Skandal, nun mit einer Selfie Botschafterin, ohne jeden Verstand: Susanne Schütz mit den KfW Banden.

Das Albanische Parlament

Kriminelle Clans, oft ohne Verstand und Schule von der DP Partei mit Lulziem Basha, der LSI Mafia Partei mit Monika, demonstrieren, randalieren seit Oktober 2018, weil man bei dem Diebstahl der KfW, EU Gelder aktiv beteiligt sein möchte.

Heute und identische Bilder, in 2013, als man gegen die Regierung Berisha demonstrierte.

Ibrahim Lici

Wahl Lokale, Gerichte, Museen, Schulen werden mit Molotov Cocktails angezündet, eine alte Vandalen Verwüstung von den Neanderthalern des Berisha, nicht nur in 1997

Gregor Rama, 60.000 $ Maybach Brille: Sohn des Edi Rama: Beruf: Nichts

Die Dümmste Regierung der Welt, wo Edi Rama sich abhören lässt, wie er mit Krminellen Wahlen fälscht, wobei Ilir Meta, Gangster Braut Monika, Lulzim Basha, Tom Doshi usw.. Einreise Verbot in die USA haben.

Das Edi Rama Verbrecher Imperium, mit Mördern und Drogen Bosse, war in Details auch vor 15 Jahren bekannt, aber zu viele kriminelle Internationale, verdienen damit Geld, weswegen auch gefälschte Wahlen ständig finanziert werden, aber identisch Berisha, Lulzim Basha, Ilir Meta.

Wahlkampf Financzierung, durch prominente kriminelle Gangs, eng verbunden mit dem Polizei Apparat, schon vor 15 Jahren und länger.

Wahlkamp in Shiak, PS: Admir Hoxha

Ronni Hoxha, und Bruder in Shiak

Finanziert, von Berufs Kriminellen, wie den peinlichen Gestalten wie Knut Fleckenstein, Georg Soros Leuten, Johannes Hahn und die kriminellen Umtriebe der KfW, EBRD Bank und peinlichen Botschafters und vielen Institutionen, inklusive der Amerikaner, welche das aktiv promoten, für irgendwelche Geschäfte, einer korrupten Internationalen Politik Klasse. Jede Moral, ist bei der SPD Politik Klasse seit 20 Jahren verloren gegangen.

Doris Pack, Johann D.Wadephul kritisieren die gefälschten EU Berichte

Martin Henze: Wirtschaftsberater der deutschen CDU, erläutert die Gründe, warum die Europäische Union Verhandlungen mit Albanien verschoben. Rama Regierung verantwortlich für die wirtschaftliche und politische Krise seit 2013. Titel Story

Lulzim Basha, Ilir Meta ist auch nicht besser und wie bewiesen die PDUI, des Gangsters Idrizi

Konkrete Angriffe der Amerikaner, welche Rechtsstaatlichkeit predigen wie die Deutschen, dann schon unter dem elminierten US Botschafter Josef Limprecht, persönlich Heroin nach Albanien brachten, importierten über den Hafen Durres, auch in Albanien technische Hilfe, für die Errichtung von Heroin Küchen gab und anderes Drogen Know How, vermittelten, und Albanische Terroristen für Syrien dann ebenso ausbildeten, mit US Pässen versahen.


Profi Krimineller Langzeit Betrieb: DAW Müller und hier mit der Mord, Verbrecher Familie: Mila Economi

Motor des Verbrechens, Schwuchtel , ohne jeden Verstand und Erfahrung, wie es üblich ist in Albanien und Deutschland in Ministerien
Gegen Leistung, man vermittelt Berliner Besuche und zahlt die Reisen

Der Gangster Tom Doshi mit Edi Rama in Skhoder, gut bei wikeleaks dokumentiert, mit Söhnen die ohne Führerschein und Waffe herumfahren und Motor für Wahlfälschungen, Drogen Handel, Geldwäsche Bauten.

Diber Wahlfälscher Team. PDUI Gangster: Ymer Lala, Tom Doshi

Der Bruder von Edi Rama, Olsi Rama, ein Georg Soros Mann mit dem Gangster Tom Doshi

“Shikoni hipokrizinë e manipulimin e Ramës”, Lubonja i nxjerr foton me Tom Doshin në Shkodër: Departamenti i Shtetit i ka hequr të drejtën për të hyrë në SHBA


Kokëdhima: Rama është një i vdekur që ecën, kartë e djegur, person i diskretituar

Koço Kokëdhima, mentori dhe një nga njerëzit që dikur ka qenë më afër Edi Ramës, ka deklaruar në emisionin “Të Paekspozuarit”, se tashmë Edi Rama është thjesht “një i vdekur që ecën” dhe “një kartë e djegur”. Kokëdhima tha se është i zhgënjyer, që personi që ka mbështetur, ka rezultuar një dështim për popullin.

“Edi Ramën e këshillojnë servilët, lajkatarët. Nuk ka njerëz me integritet, por ata që i bëjnë qejfin. Ai është një i vdekur që ecën, një kartë e djegur, një person i diskretituar.

Ai politikisht ka marrë fund, nuk ka të ardhme politike për këtë njeri. Ne jemi në një vend jo demokratik, por politika ka ligjësi.

E kam bërë një autokritikë, kam kërkuar ndjesë publike, që kam mbështetur një njeri që rezultoi një dështim për popullin”.


Nach über 10 Jahren, kommt die RPM Foundation, für weitere Entdeckungen von Antiken Unterwasser Schätzen zurück nach Albanien

Nach fast 10 Jahren kommt die US RPM Foundation zurück nach Albanien. Die Pläne sind uralt, wurden durch die korrupte und inkompetende Albanische Regierung behindert, wo auch die Polnische Sarande Tauch Station aufgegeben. Partner der RPM, war Dr Aurel Anastasi, Chef für Unterwasser Archälogie in Albanien, der ein eigenes Boot seit über 10 Jahren im einzigen privaten Hafen von Albanien hat, wo auch in 2019, ein neuer Probe Versuch, für eine private Tauchbasis, getestet wird, mit Fischern und dem Leiter der früheren Sarande Tauch Basis. Alle Projekte scheitern, weil die Albanischen Regierungs Banditen nur Posten für ihre Banden wollen, die GIZ, KfW, BMZ, nur selektierte Projekte, ohne Geld Kontrollen, für die Verbrecher Clans finanzieren, welche seit langem nur Betrug sind und jede Nachhaltigkeit verhindern. Wenn jemand Kompetend und Seriös ist, dann erhält er weder bei den Deutschen, EBRD, IFC, EIB Banden mit Sicherheit keinen Posten, denn das Haupt Kritierum ist: Vollkommen korrupt, kriminell und Regierungs nah.

RPM Nautical Foundation is a non-profit IRS US 509 (a) (3) research and educational organization that performs maritime archaeological research in the Mediterranean. Our supported institution is the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Donations to RPM Nautical Foundation are tax-deductible to the same extent as a US 501 (c) (3) entity.

A central part of RPMNF’s  mission is to identify ancient shipwreck sites for evaluation by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, the world’s leading specialists in full-scale excavation of shipwrecks.

Fondacioni Nautical RPM albania

Albania Coastal Survey in The Sunday Times, London

Durrës, prezantohet trashëgimia kulturore nënujore – aset i jashtëzakonshëm (VIDEO)

15/06/2019 – 15:12

Hapësira nënujore e bregdetit shqiptar ka një trashëgimi kulturore nënujore shumë të pasur, e cila nëse do të dokumentohej, certifikohej dhe ekspozohej do të ishte një aset i jashtëzakonshëm për turizmin e Shqipërisë.

Kështu është shprehur studiuesi Jim Goold, gjatë prezantimit për trashëgiminë kulturore nënujore të organizuar nga Fondacioni Nautical RPM dhe Auron Tare, Kryetar i Trupit Këshillëdhënës dhe Teknik të Konventës së UNESKO-s për Mbrojtjen e Trashëgimisë Kulturore Nënvore.

Kryetari i Trupit Këshillëdhënës dhe Teknik të Konventës së UNESKO-s për Mbrojtjen e Trashëgimisë Kulturore Nënujore, Auron Tare, tha se duhet urgjent të realizohet dokumentimi dhe ekspozimi i trashëgimisë nënujore, pasi ajo po kërcënohet nga “gjuetarët e thesareve”.

I pranishëm në këtë prezantim të trashëgimisë kulturore nënujore ishte edhe arkeologu Neritan Ceka, i cili e vuri theksin te studimi dhe certifikimi i trashëgimisë historiko-kulturore.

Në prezantimin e botës nënujore ishin të pranishëm ambasadorë në Shqipëri të Spanjës, Kroacisë, Italisë, Rusisë dhe Japonisë, si dhe disa përfaqësues nga agjencitë qeveritare shqiptare. Vizitorët u trajtuan në një turne të anijes kërkimore RPM të Hercules dhe një prezantim të historisë RPM e punës studim në Mesdhe nga Jim Goold.


/portali DurresLajm/

For sale, die frühere domain,, wo die Tauchbasis der Polen aufgelöst wurde, wegen Inkompetenz, Erpressung, der Behörden und des Tourismus Ministeriums. Ein neuer Anlauf, in einem Probe Versuch, ist im einzigen privaten Yachthafens von Albanien mit Fischern gerade im Aufbau.

Lange war Albanien so isoliert wie Nordkorea heute. Inzwischen kommen immer mehr Touristen. Als Geheimtipp gilt die Unterwasserwelt, wo viele Wracks verrotten. Schon wächst die Angst vor Plünderungen.
Dass die Fracht aus Nordafrika stamme, sei „sehr bedeutsam“, sagt Mateusz Polakowski, der ebenfalls für RPM arbeitet. Dies sei ein Beleg für die damaligen Handelsbeziehungen zwischen der Adria und der nordafrikanischen Küstenregion.

Sport und Profi Tauchen nach Wracks und Fischen in Albanien

In Cooperation mit der Albanischen Marine, welche bekanntlich sehr Yacht und Tourismus freundlich ist, sind hoch interessante Aufnahmen zu sehen u.a. von Porto Palermo und hervorragende Unterwasser Aufnahmen! Von der Weltbank, dem Kultur Minister in Tirana und von einer US Spezial Firma unterstützt, was die US Regierung bezahlt. Die digitale Aufnahme, aller Antiken und neueren Wracks. Legendäre versenkte Kriegs Schiffe, wurden bis jetzt gefunden, während die Funde von Antiken Schiffen und Schätzen geheim bleiben. Man wird ein Ärchlogisches Museum in Albanien einrichten, was eine Touristische Attraktion werden wird.

Wreckage of WWII Italian Ship Found off Albania Coast

Tirana | 15 June 2010 |

Scan of the wreckage, Photo: RPM Nautical

Scan of the wreckage, Photo: RPM Nautical

An Albanian-American expedition reported on Monday that it has found the wreckage of a WWII Italian merchant ship that was torpedoed on June 14, 1943 by a British submarine. The remnants, found off the coast of the Karaburun peninsula with the help of undersea scanning devices, are probably part of the 8,000 ton Rosandra freighter, the team said on the 67th anniversary of the sinking. “This discovery will be of interest for experts of the period to shed light on the fate of this Italian ship that was sunk at a time when Italy was capitulating on the war front,” a statement from the expedition read. The team is headed by Dr Jeff Royal and Dr Aurel Anastasi, head of Albania’s Institute of Archeology.

Scan of the wreckage, Photo: RPM Nautical
Scan of the wreckage, Photo: RPM Nautical

The expedition, financed by the RPM Nautical Foundation of Key West, Florida, will continue to scan the Albanian coast for relics for two more months.
Together with Albanian archaeologists the group has found 18 wrecks from ancient, medieval and modern times in their survey off the Balkan country’s coast in the last three years.
“The final aim of this project is to create an underwater culture heritage museum, possibly in the Porto Palermo area,” said Auron Tare, the expedition’s coordinator, in a statement. [This museum] would be unique because it would allow Albania to not only preserve its underwater relics but also to display them,” he added.
Porto Palermo, located in the 140-kilometer stretch of coastline between Vlora to Saranda, with a 18-century castle of Ali Pasha, is regarded as one of the most attractive locations in the Albanian Riviera.


Wer finanziert das:
Echte Profis!

Das neue Ärchologische Tauch Zentrum des Museums Durres und der Republik Albanien wird im Yacht Hafen bei Durres eingerichtet.

Unterstützt von der Universität Foggia Italien und einem bekannten US Spezialisten, für Tauchen nach Antiken Schiffen und Schätzen.

Das erste Tauchboot von Albanien wird gerade umgebaut.…Archaeology.htm

Sport Tauchen, des Tauch Clubs Durres, der auch nicht mehr in Betrieb ist, wegen zu hohen Alter, des Vorstandes.




Die ersten Ärchologischen Tauch Gänge, fanden vor über 100 Jahren schon bei Durres statt, wo die ersten Wracks gefunden wurden.

Deutschland ist auch bei diesem sehr wichtigen Touristischen Projekt nicht dabei, weil man lieber die Gelder in selbst ernannte Dumm Experten Consults und Lobby Vereine wie den DAW umleitet um sich selbst mit Nonsens Konferenzen zu finanzieren. Real war Alles was Deutsche Tourismus Förderung betraf in 10 Jahren, reine Mafia Unterstützungs Maßnahmen mit negativen Effekt.


Tartar Bazaj, Drogen Kultivierung in MIlitär Tunnels

Wie alle der ONM Banden, hat das wichtige KLP Mitglied, Tartar Bazaj, gefälschte Abschlüsse der höheren Schule, wie andere Richter, Bujar Nishani ebenso und dann kommen die dubioen Diplome, angeblicher Studien Jahre. Lachkrampf überall, das gerade Deutsche Justiz bringen wollen, was seit über 25 Jahren eine Null Nummer ist, Viele aber reich gemacht hat, die zu dumm sind für normale Arbeit, aber ein Parteibuch haben.

Über die Idioten, die dort als Botschafter usw. auftreten, kommt seit langem grosse Kritik, denn die Idioten führen sich auf, wie Selbstdarsteller und Diktaturen, bestechen WEltweit jede Regierung.

Deutsche Politiker, Diplomaten und die Drogen Kartelle mit Hekuran Hoxha, Saimir Gjepali, Admir Hoxha

Keine Skrupel die Deutsche Botschafterin Susanne Schütz, mit jedem Verbrecher, wie Sokol Dervishi immer dabei und der anderen Prominenz der Verbrecher, auch bei dem Wahlbetrug und Posten Besetzung für die Mafia. Auf dem Niveau von einem Kind, das nur Selfie Shows produziert und ohne jeden Verstand und vollkommen dumm und korrupt, wie Michael Roth, Heiko Maas, Johannes Kahrs, oder Annen. Und dann die peinliche Sawsan Ceblis, wo dresite Dummheit mit fascebook, Twitter, smartphone Bildung neue negativ Rekorde zeigte.

Taulant Balla, Susanne Schütz. Elbasan Mafia

Zbulohet laborator droge brenda një tuneli në Tiranë (Video)

10:10 – 20/06/19 mapo.a

Skandali me KLP/ Njihuni me anëtarin me nota 5 dhe deftesë të falsifikuar. Kërcënon gazetarin (VIDEO)

Emisioni investigativ ‘Ajsberg’ që transmetohet në ekranin e Fax Neës me gazetar Artur Çanin ka zbardhur mbrëmjen e djeshme një mega skandal që ka përfshirë Këshillin e Lartë të Prokurorisë, një nga organet kryesore për Reformën në Drejtësi.

Bëhet fjalë për një nga anëtarët e këtij organi, Tartar Bazaj, i cili në bazë të investigimeve ka falsifikuar dokumentet e arsimit të tij të mesëm. Bazaj ka një falsifikim të diplomës së shkollës së mesme, pasi në të njëjtën vit ai rezulton që të ketë qenë në dy shkolla të ndryshme në Sevaster të Vlorës dhe në Krrabë të Tiranës.

Falsifikimi lidhet me vitin shkollor 86-87, që Bazaj pretendon se e ka kryer në Krrabë, po në amzë rezulton se ai ka qenë në Sevaster. Edhe në bazë të dëshmive të miqve të tij, emrat e të cilëve vetë anëtari i KLP-së ja ka dhënë Çanit, Bazaj rezulton që të ketë kryer tre vite arsim të mesëm në shkollën bujqësore në Vlorë, dhe jo dy siç ai pretendon më pas.

Sikur të mos mjaftonte kjo notat e Bazajt linin shumë për të dëshiruar, dhe mesatarja ishte 5-6.

‘’Nisur me një vërtetim të lëshuar nga vetë Tartari ne nisëm kërkimet në amzë. Na rezultoi diçka që na krijoi dyshime, në amzën me numër 438 të Bazajt në Sevaster, shkollë bujqësore, ai ishte regjistruar në këtë shkollë dhe ka bërë 3 vite, nga 84-87. Në të treja këto vite notat e tij kanë qenë nën mesatare, por nuk ka ngelur. Në fund të vitit të tretë ka një shënim që është larguar. Notat janë kryesisht 5-6, në vitin e tretë i ka të gjitha 5 dhe 7. Në karakteristika thuhet që është i urtë dhe i sjellshëm me shokët e klasës, por që duhet të mësojë më shumë.  Në shkollën e Krrabës ai është regjistruar në vitin 86-87, dhe një vit më pas ai ka mbaruar shkollën. KËTUtu mua më lind pyetja, në këtë vit ka qenë në Sevaster apo Krrabë? Vetë Bazaj thotë se ai ka bërë dy vite në Sevaster dhe dy vite në Krrabë”, deklaroi Çani në nisje të emisionit.

Për këtë ekipi i Ajsberg ka udhëtuar drejt Sevasterit në Vlorë, ku ka pyetur ish-drejtorin e shkollës Baftjar Sulçaj .

“Tartaj Bazaj ka qenë nxënës në shkollën e Sevasterit, e ka filluar në 84-trën. Në atë kohë që kam qenë unë 84-86 kanë qenë dy klasa paralele, ndaj dhe di disa gjëra më shumë për këta nxënës. Ka bërë vitin e parë dhe vitin e dytë në këtë shkollë, në shtator të 1986 unë kalova në shkollën 9-vjeçare, ndaj smund të them më tej”, u shpreh Sulçaj.

Drejtori nuk di të thojë se sa vite shkollë ka bërë Bazaj në Sevaster, duke qenë se vetë Sulçaj është larguar për një shkollë tjetër. Në këtë pikë Çani ka takuar disa prej shokëve të klasës së anëtarit të KLP-së, një prej tyre Granit Kasaj. Miqtë tregojnë se Bazaj është larguar nga shkolla në vitin e katërt, dhe tre vite i ka kryer në Sevaster.

Në këtë pikë flet dhe  shoqja e Tartarit, me të cilën ishin dhe nga i njëjti fshat, Ollga e cila thotë se anëtari i KLP-së ka bërë 3 vite në Sevaster dhe është larguar prej aty në vitin e katërt.

LEXO EDHE  Takimi intim me gruan që e fundosi/ Prapaskenat e arrestimit në Tiranë, të të kërkuarit nga INTERPOLI

Sefer Pecani, drejtor i shkollës në Krrabë thotë se Tartar Bazaj ka ardhur në shkollën e tij në vitet 87-88. ‘’Ka qenë nxënës shumë i mirë, ka mbaruar shkollën e mesme dega miniera, për çdo qartësi të shikohen deftesat e tij”, shprehet Pecani, duke rrëzuar sërish pretendimet e Bazajt, që thotë se në Krrabë ka ardhur në vitin mësimor 86-87.

“Nuk mbulohet dot dielli me shoshë, kemi amzën e Sevasterit ku janë tre vite të plota. Kemi amzën e shkollës në Krrabë, ku ekzistojnë dy vite, është e habitshme sesi Tartari ka qenë në të njëjtin vit në dy shkolla të ndryshme, njëherë për bujqësi dhe njëherë tjetër për agronomi. Kemi shoqen e klasës që thotë se Tartari ka bërë 3 vite në Sevaster, deftesa e tij ka disa lëndë që nuk fugurojnë në asnjë prej amzave, vizatim teknik, makina miniere, nuk funksionojnë në asnjë amzë, po figurojnë në deftesën përfundimtare. Sigurisht që këtu kemi të bëjmë me falsifikime, ka ndryshime të shkrimeve në diplomë, kjo u takon ekspertëve që ta vërtetojnë”,shprehet gazetari Çani.

Për ti shkuar deri në fund çështjen Çani ka ftuar në takim Bazajn, i cili duket se e ka humbur paska fillin, duke thënë se çështja tashmë do të kthehej në personale. Ai debaton ashpër me gazetarin Çani, madje dhe duke e kërcënuar në mënyrë personale.

Pjesë nga debati i zhvilluar mes Çanit dhe Bazajt:

Bazaj: Kam hedhur provime ekuivalente në Krrabë, unë e mbaj mend si tani

Çani: Ku janë në deftesa? Ti mund të mbash mend shumë gjëra. Këtu kemi dokumentet e shtetit.

Bazaj: Po më re në qafë  do ta marr personale

Çani: Më sqaro se çfarë janë këto, lëri personalet. Fol me ndonjë tjetër jo me mua.

Bazaj: Unë jam anëtar i KLP-së, kam një integritet

Çani: Ke gënjyer atëherë këtu

Bazaj: Në rast se unë nuk kam gënjyer do të shkosh në burg. Mua do më nxjerësh pa shkollë ti, unë kam qenë nxënësi më i mirë. Ik ore shiko punën tënde, do ta shikosh ti, kujt ia bën këto presione ti. Ti do kesh punë me mua, po më re në qafë do të kesh punë me mua

Çani: Ti po më kërcënon mua, a ke mundësi që të ma thuash këtë mua

Bazaj: Pse unë do çmendesha dhe do kandidoja për anëtar të KLP-së

Çani: Kam folur me të tre shokët që më ke dhënë numrat

Bazaj: Mos më cëno, kush jam unë që të prononcohem ty. Kam kaluar njëmijë filtra, edhe të FBI-së. Ti ke thënë në Sevaster që ti nuk kam mbaruar as shkollën 8-vjeçare.

Çani: Mos u merr me thashetheme. Këto që kam unë përpara janë dokumentet e shtetit shqiptar

Bazaj: Po ç’janë këto mor burrë i dheut, kështu punoni ju me njerëzit?! Unë jam nga ata njerëz që të marr gjak në vetull

Çani: Kujt i kujton gjakun këtu ti? Kë kërcënon?!

Në fund të emisionit gazetari Çani tha se gjetjet e tij do ti depozitojë në Prokurori, dhe kë Këshillin e Lartë të Prokurorisë ku Bazaj është anëtar, pasi është e papranueshme që një person me dokumente të falsifikuara të arsimit të jetë pjesë e këtij isntitucioni të lartë drejtues në sistemin e prokurorisë në vend./

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