State police have released 10,000m2 of beach area in Ksamil that was being occupied illegally. Under the framework of the action against informality that began last week in the coastal zone, 6 subject owners have been penally prosecuted, specifically, five in Vlora and one in Divjaka. Five of these entities are charged with "Concealment Incomes" and one for "Occupying Public Space". Among the proceedings is the deputy mayor of Saranda, citizen Th.M, as he has not executed the mayor's decision to release a 600 m2 public beach. According to Ksamil Police, at the seaside area called “Tree” in Ksamil, 1185 sun lounges, 351 umbrellas and a sun tent were seized due to the operator having not obtained permission from the Municipality of Saranda, as well as the business activities being conducted without any fiscal register. Meanwhile, according to the official announcement, in Vlora and Divjaka two business administrators have also been processed for lack of fiscal registration. A day before, Prime Minister Rama declared that the battle between the State Police and central inspectorates, since early July, has been improving the situation, but that still not enough was being done. For this reason, in autumn, a new law on the protection and administration of the coastline will be drafted to the Assembly. /Ora